Press Play Studio

Audio & Music Production Studio Mumbai

Shot by Bombay Arthouse.
Location Sound & Audio Post by Press Play Studio.

Full Documentary coming soon!

IMM|GR^NT operates at the global nexus of technology and the arts. We work across the creative spectrum to feature global creators through the creation and curation of digital content, live performances, bespoke solutions for innovative brands, and much more.  IMM|GR^NT has an unique expertise in emerging sectors and geographies around the world which allows it to deliver highly curated and niche content strategies to its customers and partners

With IMM|GR^NT Live, we aim to replicate the Diplomats of Sound’s reputation for providing cutting-edge programming with high quality production. The growth of the festival market in India is well known but, the lack of an iconic club properties such as ‘Boiler Room, Love Saves The Day, and Livin’ Proof’ is apparent. 

IMM|GR^NT Live seeks to fill that void in the club circuit with a monthly international property that showcases the best emerging sounds from around the world, connecting them with forward-thinking Indian artists whilst fostering and supporting a community of like-minded individuals that live to discover new music from around the world. 

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